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At Chaffee Air, we take pride in our ability to provide excellent customer service that sets us apart from the crowd. We believe that the true testament to our professional reputation can be found by listening to what our real customers have to say. So don't just take our word for it, read below to hear praises from some of our many satisfied customers and how Chaffee Air has changed their lives for the better.

I saw your testimonials page and I wanted to give feedback on my experience. Jay and I just bought our first home - built in 1951. We had our floors refinished, a fence built, major electric work completed, and the exterior re-pointed, painted and mortared. We had 4 estimates on the job that Chaffee completed and I could tell from the minute I met Mark that he was the one we wanted to complete our service. We purchased a furnace, hot water heater, a Trane a/c unit and Mark was nice enough to throw in a Trane thermostat and even show me how to use it. This was all completed about a month ago just like they described as well as on time and on budget. We finally moved in this past weekend and discovered our hot water heater was not heating properly. I called on Monday when the office was open and Mark was out that same day. It was a simple fix and he even explained how the systems work which was very helpful. Yesterday he called me for a follow-up which made me rest even more comfortably. It's very hard to find that quality and concern in businesses now and we are extremely grateful for Chaffee. I will never use another company. Thank you for all that you have done!

Erin B. and Jay L.

Dear Rex,
My name is Ted and I live in Tellico Village. We just had a new HVAC unit installed (heat pump and furnace) in our house by your company. I am sorry we did not get to meet you during the install. I wanted to give you feedback on our experience working with Chaffee Air.

It all starts with the sales representative, which in this case is Mark Reynolds. Mark clearly has technical experience with HVAC. He was able to size a new system for us without any delay. Mark did not throw around technical jargon like the other company's sales people did. It was clear he knew about the topic inside and out. I had 4 quotes for the system and Mark was the most professional person of the bunch. In addition Mark gave us a very cost effective quote. I felt comfortable that Chaffee Air would do a very professional job at a reasonable price, and you did.

The day of the install an army of technicians came to install the heat pump and furnace. Ok, maybe not an army but certainly enough techs to do the job. Mark took control of the project and briefed each worker individually as to what area they would be working and how the project was going to unfold. Once finished with the instructions Mark left the job site and the guys started to work. Each man had their own job they needed to complete and each man got at it. It was clear to me that these guys have worked together before. Each man knew his job as well as each team member's jobs. There was also some banter going back and forth showing me the team was a solid unit. These guys, as far as I could tell, were the "A" team. No one dilly dallied, sat on their butt, or disappeared from the job site. Rex you have a good team and I was happy they were installing my units.

The next day or two my neighbor called me to discuss the installation. I informed him of all the research I had done and why I chose Chaffee Air for the job. I told him how happy I was with the professionalism of the entire crew and what a fine job I thought they did. After my discussion with my neighbor, a few days passed when he called me on the phone to let me know he met with Mark and also selected Chaffee Air for his HVAC project. I think the reference was a sure indication that I was happy with all aspects of my project. Looks like I got you another job in my neighborhood.

Rex, thanks again and your team ROCKS!

Ted R.

I could not be more pleased with the service both during and after installation. Rex and his crew arrived on time, worked hard, and cleaned up after themselves. The new system works great, and I am very satisfied with the improvements made to the old, existing heating unit. Because I only replaced part of the entire attic system, the existing vent was reused. When I had a slight leak after the new system was installed, they returned and adjusted the roof vent free of charge even though it wasn’t necessarily their responsibility. I would highly recommend Chaffee Air to anyone.

Bryant B.

I moved into an older home and when the first Winter freeze came through I realized my heat pump wasn’t keeping up as well as it should. I know they don’t work well below certain temperatures, but even my auxiliary heat couldn’t keep the house above 62 or 63 degrees (with the thermostat set to 68/69). I called Chaffee and although they were fairly busy a technician came to my house later in the afternoon. He did the normal gauge checks and verified that the auxiliary heat contactors were activating. It turns out the pressure was too high in the system, and he also found a dirty air filter hidden deep within the recirculator fan’s internal return.

Also, an air duct had fallen loose from a register and as dumping warm air into my garage instead of inside the house. He fixed it in 15 minutes.

The technician was very knowledgeable, friendly, and was kind enough to answer my hundreds of questions about proper HVAC maintenance and when I should consider a new unit. I’m very new to Knoxville, and was concerned about finding a reputable HVAC maintenance group. Chaffee will be my go-to for any work I need performed.

William W.

They were very professional and made the appointment times when they said they would. They provided ample information about the product and gave me multiple choices on what kind of unit to get. They filed the registration on the unit, which was nice. I didn’t get comparable prices from other companies. I didn’t think they were more expensive than someone else would be.

Harry P.

Rex, the owner of the company, came to my house on time and gave me an estimate. My unit had to be moved and we came up with an extensive plan to rewire and plumb in the new unit. There was no extra cost for the extra work done !! He and his crew were prompt, on time, very professional and left no mess when they were done. I recommend Chaffee for any HVAC work.

Dan F.

Wow. Called for service for my Mom whose AC was not working well. Chaffee dispatched a technician to her house in just a couple of hours. The young man was courteous, professional, and knowledgeable and within 2 hours an ancient AC system was working like new. Can’t say how relieved we all were when Mom reported just a few hours later her “nose was cold” and had to turn down the thermostat. We could not have asked for better service from Chaffee. Thanks to Angie’s List for the tip.

Roy C.

Excellent service from start to finish! A previous company had told me that I needed to replace my entire system at a cost of over $5000. The Chaffee representative who came to my house (the same day I called) found a replacement evaporator coil within minutes of looking at my system and never suggested that I needed to replace my unit. He did show me other options, but was up-front about the costs and didn’t pressure me in any way. I usually hate dealing with home repair companies but Chaffee made it easy and painless. They were polite, responsive, showed up on time, worked quickly and did quality work for me at a reasonable cost. I would definitely use them again and highly recommend them to others.

David B.

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