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Breathe Easy

If you live in the Knoxville area, you have probably noticed the people around you sniffling and sneezing a lot lately. Our outdoor air quality has been suffering, as spring has unleashed a barrage of blooms. Yes, it's quite beautiful in East Tennessee this time of year, but the conditions outside can send us running for the house and quick! But unfortunately, even the sanctuary of home can be infiltrated by the pesky pollen and despicable dust that makes us miserable. So what is a person to do?

Well, there are ways to make your habitat more habitable. For instance, installing an air purifier can help to improve your indoor air quality by sanitizing and ridding your environment of contaminants that may be lurking in your home. An air purification system installed with your heating and air system will reduce allergens such as pollen and pet dander, as well as irritants like dust, smoke and mold. Fresher, cleaner air could be just around the corner!

Chaffee Air is proud to offer Reme Halo air sanitizers, a top-of-the-line name in air purification. Known as, "A flu shot for your home," the Reme Halo system not only reduces allergens, but it is proven to have a 99% kill rate for viruses, germs and bacteria on surfaces and in the air of your home or business. It also reduces a wide range of particulate matter and is effective against microbes and fungi. Just take a look at the air filtration comparison chart on our Air Purification page, here: Air Purification. The Reme Halo system outperforms other types of home air sanitizing systems by a long shot!

Here at Chaffee Air, we are more than just a heating and cooling company. Sure, we install air conditioning systems and heat pumps, all while offering exceptional air conditioning repair and service. But we are also about improving your overall air quality and thus, your quality of life. Interested in cleaning out the contaminants in your home or office? We would love to work with you. Call Chaffee Air today and let us help you breathe a little easier!