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Cleaner Fall Air

Cleaner Fall Air

No, you aren't imagining it...pollen has been worse this fall. Allergy sufferers have noticed, particularly. So why the increase in allergen levels?

With Knoxville and all of East Tennessee experiencing an early fall pattern, ragweed levels are starting to get higher. According to Karla Jones, a Family Nurse Practitioner at Knoxville's Allergy Asthma and Sinus Center, "One plant can emit like a billion grains of pollen, so that can travel for hundreds of miles." Yikes!

Also, with the very active hurricane season this year, there have been some things floating around our area that wouldn't be otherwise. WBIR Chief Meteorologist Todd Howell likens the hurricanes to a vacuum.

"It sucks up not only the moisture from the ground, but you know, dirt, debris, insects, a lot of particulate matter," Howell says.

Howell also says the hurricanes transport mold and other algae spores from elsewhere into our region. However they got here, though, all we care about is lessening their miserable effects, right?

You might think that staying indoors, away from the pollen's natural habitat, is the best way to prevent exposure. However, if your home's heating and cooling system isn't properly equipped to catch and filter those pesky allergens as they come through, you could be setting yourself up for misery.

Inevitably, most of us spend more time indoors as the weather cools down. The best way to keep your home's air as clean as possible is to invest in a whole-house air filtration system. Our REME Halo air purifiers not only reduce allergens, but also dust, dander, and smoke. Also known as a "flu shot for your home," the system is 99% effective in killing most germs, bacteria and viruses on surfaces AND in the air. Find out more on our Air Purification page.

Some other good tips to keep in mind for avoiding allergens are:

  • Keep your doors and windows closed
  • Replace your heat pump filters regularly (If you don't currently have a whole-house air filtration system)
  • Remove leaves and plant debris from around your home, as they harbor mold allergens
  • Have regular Preventative Maintenance on your HVAC unit
  • Change clothes and/or shower when you've been outside for prolonged periods
  • Also, when working around the yard, wear a quality dust mask

We would be happy to talk with you about options for improving your indoor air quality. Call Chaffee Air today to find out more!