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Stay Warm with a High-Efficiency Furnace

We've had the luxury of an extended warm season in and around Knoxville this fall. But colder weather is coming soon and you may be wondering how prepared your furnace is to get you through the next several months of winter. Whether your gas furnace is in need of replacement, or you are looking to upgrade your traditional gas furnace in order to save energy and money on your heating bill, we recommend considering a high-efficiency furnace for your home.

So what exactly is a "high-efficiency furnace?" We'll explain. All gas furnaces are given an AFUE rating - that's Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. This rating quantifies the percentage of input fuel that is output as heat by the furnace. For example, a standard-efficiency gas furnace may carry an AFUE rating of 80% (or even less). That means 80% of your energy is being utilized to heat your home, while the other 20% is being wasted as exhaust gas. That's quite a bit of waste! On the other hand, a high-efficiency gas furnace may range from a 90%-98% AFUE rating, varying by model. With a greater amount of fuel being converted to heat energy, you can expect less waste and as a result, less money going out for monthly heating costs.

So a new high-efficiency gas furnace is the obvious choice, right? Well, we do need to mention that the cost of a new one can be slightly higher than traditional standard-efficiency furnaces. However, the cost savings on not only your monthly gas bill, but also your electric bill, can add up substantially. Many of the high-efficiency models are also equipped with streamlined motors that use less electricity and are quieter than the standard-efficiency models. Additionally, the efficiency of any furnace will decrease over time, so installing a new high-efficiency model will prolong your savings over the lifetime of the furnace.

Another factor of consideration is that tax credits may be offered for the installation of new energy-efficient furnaces. The information found here on the ENERGY STAR website details how homeowners can receive a tax credit amount of $150 for a high-efficiency furnace and $50 for an upgraded circulating fan.

As always, Chaffee Air is here to help you with any questions you may have in your decision-making process. We are proud to offer a selection of top-quality Trane furnaces, with AFUE ratings ranging from 80% to 97+%. Our experts are happy to assist you in making the right choice for your home. Your comfort is our top priority!